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Current Research Topics

Vehicles are the ties in a multi-network where people, road, information and engergy connect
We are seeking a transportation system with more social contents
~ Vehicles in Networks ~

The main focus of NUTREND research is to create a convenient and comfort society for people to live in, with sustainable environmental and engergy resources, where transportation being the starting point. Transportation helps us move and live better. Streets and communities were constructed in accord with roads, harbors and railways. However, vehicle as one of the best inventions in human history, has become the threat to envrionmental, energy or community-building issues in recent years. We should not only focus on the connection role of vehicles in road network, but also in information and energy networks, and seek for a transportation system with more social contents to meet the requirment of sustainable society.


2012 Lab Introduction

A Study on Information Delivery System that Utilizes Probe Information
A4_0930saishu2.jpgWe are developing a dynamic route guidance system based on the forecast value of constantly changing traffic conditions, to make the best use of probe information such as position and speed obtained from the individual car. The specific methodological interests include map matching that efficiently convert discrete position information to route, integrate past information with real data, explore route taking left/right turns into consideration, and explore eco-route with lowest CO2 emissions. With this development, we are looking forward to traffic congestion alleviation based on the efficient utilization of current roads and the birth of a new traffic information business.
A Study on the World's First Alternative Road Pricing Scheme (Parking Deposit System)
pds.jpgRoad pricing is implemented in many cities to reduce the traffic demand of congested urban area as one of the effective policies. On the other hand, a lot of cities stopped the wide promotion of it as a result of the citizens and business persons' opposition. Accordingly, we propose a "Parking Deposit System", which is easier to be accepted by the society. It says that, vehicles passing through the regulatory area in city center will be charged of a certain amount of money, yet all or part of the money will be paid back if they used the parking lots inside the area or did shopping. In this research, we examine the traffic simulation after the system's introduction, the impacts on envrionment, as well as its social acceptability.
A Study on the Popularity of the Next-Generation Vehicles and Policy Package-Based Transportation Strategy
92E192Y91f8CF092CA83V83X83e838083o83i815B.jpgIn order to realize low carbon transport system, both conventional transport policies, such as LRT (Light Rail Transit) or TDM (Traffic Demand Management) and new policies, such as reallocation of road spaces for efficient use of electric cars, effective deployment of charging stations, and car sharing, should be taken into consideration. In this research, we propose a method to support the utilization of next-generation vehicles from the side of urban infrastructure, together with the policy packages to steadily realize the low carbon target in transport sector.
A Study on Transport Policies under Disasters
saigai.jpgThe Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 generated more than 90 thousands of stranded commuters in the Tokyo metropolitan area. In Chukyo metropolitan area, especially in Nagoya area, it is predicted that Tokai-Tonankai earthquake will also generate great damage. In this research, a traffic simulation model of traffic congestion and people's going home behavior is developed. Transport policies under disasters is evaluated as well.

〈Most recent research results〉
・The forecast for individual's travel behavior change under pricing policies
・The forecast for the effects of PDS & Discusstion on the operation methods & Implementation of social experiment
・Policies with more social contents to control the traffic flow into city center area
・The change of urban traffic after the introduction of LRT
・A study on the utilization method of community cycle system
・Travel spaces for bicycles in urban area
・Consumer purchasing behavior analysis for the promotion of eco-driving
・Methods for the popularity of electric vehicles & Demand forecast and infrastructure maintenance