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Welcome to the Morikawa, Yamamoto & Miwa Lab!

This is the online homepage of Morikawa, Yamamoto & Miwa Lab at Nagoya University in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The lab was established to enhance the strength of research in transport and environment dynamics at Nagoya University (NU TREND). Major interests of the lab include modeling individual choice behavior, evaluation of evolving transportation policies, next-generation mobility utilizing ITS, methods for creating eco-city, and study on household vehicle ownership and use.
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Professor Morikawa is a member of the Department of Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Graduate School of Environmental Studies. Professor Yamamoto and Professor Miwa are the members of EcoTopia Science Institute (the Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering). The other members of the lab accordingly belong to the two departments, yet we conduct research as a team.
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Please feel free to navigate the page to find out more about our research, our members, and opportunities to join us. Thanks for visiting.


Special seminar[2017/01/10]

----- Seminar
Title: Recent Developments for Real World Combinatorial Optimisation Problems
Speaker: Prof. Rong Qu, Ph.D. (Associate Professor at University of Nottingham)
Date and time: 2017/01/20, 16:30-18:00
Place: Room 102, Building 8 (North Wing), School of Engineering

Abstract: Combinatorial optimisation problems present to be challenging in many real world scenarios in various business sectors. This seminar presents some of our recent research on hybrid metaheuristics for several scheduling and optimisation problems including logistic transport routing and personnel scheduling. Other problems addressed are portfolio optimisation, telecommunication network routing problems, and timetabling problems etc. using hybrid algorithms including hyper-heuristics and evolutionary algorithms.

Special seminar[2016/09/28]

Title:Smart Mobility:Optimization and Behavioral Modeling
Speaker:Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva, Ph.D.
Professor of MIT and Singapore National University
Date & time:2016/09/28, 16:00 to 18:00
Place:Meieki Morishita Nagoya-ekimae-chuo-ten, Room 2&3, 7th Fl.

Special seminar[2016/08/04]

Title:Modeling Arterial Traffic States with Multi-Source Traffic Data
Speaker:Prof. Yao-Jan Wu, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor at Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona
Date & time:2016/08/04, 16:00~17:30
Place:Room 102, Building 8 (North Wing), School of Engineering


Forum on Advanced Education for Global Environmental Leaders

NUGELP NUGELP is pleased to announce the Forum on Advanced Education for Global Environmental Leaders ・Focusing on Sustainable Development in Asia and Africa ・will be held on November 22, 2012. This forum not only focuses on NUGELP’s achievements in past five years, but also is a great chance to discuss education to foster environmental leaders as we invite experts in the environmental field. This will be held in Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus. Please send us your name, affiliation, contacts, and RSVP to the reception after the forum at Please refer to the poster for further information. We hope to see many of you come to the forum!

>< Forum on Advanced Education for Global Environmental Leaders

Morikawa Lab’s 20th Anniversary & Professor Morikawa’s 10th Anniversary Party

10th Anniversary Party A party to celebrate Morikawa Lab’s 20th anniversary and Professor Morikawa’s 10th anniversary (the 12th anniversary to be exactly) was held on June 16th. Altogether 76 former and current members of the lab attended the party. A high leaping, joyful atmosphere came up fast and lasted for 3 hours with a series of activities, including the opening remarks from Professor Yamamoto, the lab introduction given by Professor Morikawa, the congratulation message from one former member, the slideshow of a questionnaire survey on Professor Morikawa and the photos of the lab, as well as the flower bouquet presenting section.
On behalf of all the staffs of Morikawa’s Lab, we would like to express our greatest thanks to the former members of this lab, especially to those came a long way on the rainy day. Let us extend to the lab our best wishes forever!

Electric Bicycle Sharing Experiment
【Limited and restricted to faculty members of Nagoya University from June, 2012】

The Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle Sharing Experiment will launch in Higashiyama Campus of Nagoya University in June. Now all the faculty members are offered an affordable green transit alternative. The program will put 30 bikes into service. Under the theme of “Analyzing the advancement of the renewable energy practical use system to assist citizens living and movements”, we are looking forward to a reduction of CO2 emissions produced by human movements, via the construction and application of efficient management of vehicles and solar energy charging system.
Next-generation Personal Mobility Experiment-Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle Sharing System (Japanese Only)


Our proposal for "The regeneration plan for the area of Nagoya Station in anticipation of the opening of Linear Shinkansen and the proposal for Advanced Mobility applications", has been selected as the winner of 2011-2012 Tsubaki Award.
We will continue to do our best to contribute to the community-building of Nagoya City and Nagoya Station Area, to not be a shame to receive this award.
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Questionnaire Survey of Consumer Purchase and Use of EVs

We are conducting a questionnaire survey of consumer purchase and use of electric vehicles. The questionnaire is distributed randomly. There is no specification for the location of your home. In addition, all the answers will be processed statistically.
We are looking forward to your coopertation.
※The survey is now closed.

Recruiting Participants for Probe Person Survey

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※The survey is now closed.

A research project of the promotion of environmental research, Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan

"A Study on Urban Infrastructure and Institution for Low Carbon Transport Systems Focusing on Electric Vehicle Utilization"

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